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Workshop Material List

Imagination – Sense of Adventure.  Bring whatever supplies you have or normally use.  I don’t want you to spend a lot of money for something you may not love.                  

A zoomfinder (Cheap Joes) OR two small L-shaped corners like mat samples Tracing paper, graphite transfer paper, and sketch book (important), pencils I will be using the Faber Castell-Pit Artists Pens-grey tones for working in the sketch book and I highly recommend them.  Paint Supplies – bring whatever you have or normally use in whatever media you choose.   I will be using:

  • Paper – Kilamajaro paper from Cheap Joes or Arches 140# or 300# Cold Press -either will work

  • Boards – Gatorboard or some other paint board to work on

  • Paints – I will be using M. Graham & American Journey.  Please bring whatever you use and do not purchase especially for this workshop.  Make sure you have a red, blue, and yellow

  • Brushes – 3” flat, selection of rounds (30, 12, 8, 6, 4) and flats if you use them, scrubber, palette knife or pen knife.  A pipette if you have one. 

  • Masking – Pebeo drawing gum is my favorite.  Old brush or Ugly brush to apply & rubber cement remover.  If you do not have or use masking, I will have small kits available at the workshop for $20.00 that includes a small bottle of masking, a couple brushes, a remover, and pipettes.

  • Palette – white tray or palette

  • Water container, paper towels & facial tissues (very important),  masking tape, sponges, eraser, spray bottle (this is important that it have a significant spray down to a mist-I recommend Cheap Joe’s), small lidded plastic containers to mix paint, magazine, scissors, and glue stick or medium.  Old bath towel if possible.  

  • Resource material:  photos, sketches, items that interest you personally.  

  • If you plan to try pouring, please bring a couple of stretched half sheets soaked and stapled to boards if you like to stretch.  You can draw ahead of time if you like.                                            

  • IMPORTANT - Bring work in progress or work that you don’t know how to finish.  We will do an entire section of ‘finishing’ YOUR work & helping you resolve your problem paintings!!!


  • I love to teach and am looking forward to our time together.  We will have lots of fun painting and learning as well…………..Hope to see you there!!!!

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